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Women often have lower blood pressure in pregnancy, which means it is much easier for dizziness to occur if you are not hydrating appropriately. Fatigue . Because your body is up to 60% water and plays a large click to find out more role in carrying nutrients to cells, you may feel weak or tired without drinking enough water. Dry mouth . If your body is lacking the appropriate amount of hydration, your mouth will likely produce less saliva than it needs, leading to a dry mouth. There are several risks of dehydration for pregnant women, including: Kidney stones . These small mineral deposits can be caused by dehydration and lead to pain in the lower back and abdomen. If untreated, kidney stones increase the risk of preterm birth and can disrupt the labor process, jeopardizing the baby in the process. Urinary tract infections . Dehydration can cause UTIs, which come with symptoms like painful urination and a constant urge to urinate.