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Goldman announced it would open the new hub in Paris by year-end, pending regulatory approval. Goldman Sachs is being forced to open a new stock-trading hub in Paris, due to uncertainty surrounding Brexit and London’s future as a European center for the trading of equities. The investment-banking giant announced on Tuesday that it would open the new hub before the end of the year, pending regulatory approval. The facility, Sigma X Europe, will be an additional offering to an original, U.K.-based platform called Sigma X. The Paris facility will begin trading shares in companies across 15 European markets regulated under the European Union’s framework, while Sigma X in London will continue listing both U.K. and EU stocks. “We want to ensure that our clients continue to have access to all of our key liquidity sources post-Brexit,” said Liz Martin, Goldman Sachs’s global co-head of futures and equities electronic trading. So, why is Goldman Sachs — like others in the financial-exchanges business — opening new facilities in the EU? When the U.K.


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Sounders injury update: Kelvin Leerdam returns to training Kelvin Leerdam is on pace to at least be available for Tuesday’s Western Conference semifinal against FC Dallas . The right back, who missed the First Round game against Los Angeles FC with a hamstring injury, was able to return to training on Friday. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll start, however. Alex Roldan had another strong performance in place of Leerdam, leading the Sounders with four key passes, five tackles, three clearances and nine recoveries. Beyond the numbers, he also looked confident throughout, calmly handling pressure and never looking out of place. “Tonight was a big game for the club and (Alex Roldan) performed over and above my expectations,” Sounders head coach Brian Schmetzer said afterward. “That’s how I feel. He’s a tremendous young player, lives in the shadow of his brother and tonight I don’t think you’d say that. He’s a very good, capable right back in MLS.” If Roldan is given another start, Schmetzer’s lineup will likely look the same as it did against LAFC . The other notable absences were Gustav Svensson and Xavier Arreaga, neither of whom have yet to be cleared to resume training.